Fashion designer, musician, actress: A 12-year-old who has the world at their feet


Angel Is One of the Biggest Rising Stars Right Now


My words, my life

  • Hi I am Angel or Angelique when I cause a bit of mischief. I am 12 going on 30 or an old soul.

    I get massive headaches when the weather changes. I have been creating poetry through pictures since I was 3 years old.

    I hold my breath when I see myself on-screen as I cannot believe how lucky I am. I believe in respect for yourself and others and feel really hurt when someone hurts others “just because”.

    I love to rescue animals, I have three bunnies, a cat, and a dog Princess. I imagine living on a farm where I can have all sorts of animals.

    I live in a peaceful country where the landscape never ends.

    I go to regular school and giggle about boys, get caught up in the drama of being a girl. I love to run and love the feel of the wind in my hair. I have many friends and love the diversity of their cultures. I am a helper and often find myself helping the younger kids at school.

    I am excited where my journey will take me, the people I will help and those I will inspire. I hope you will stop by and hello and tell me your story.

    Much Love

    Angel xoxoxo